A Split in the Path.

 The Life of a Velvet Leaf by Amy Earles, oil on board 11x14 inches

The Life of a Velvet Leaf by Amy Earles, oil on board 11x14 inches

Sap Collector opened Friday evening at Nucleus Portland. All of the pieces are now available through the gallery.  See the collection here.
Technical photography has eluded me so some of the images do not really represent the look of the work in person. If you're a serious buyer, contact me for alternate photographs. 
The piece above is fully correct. 

See you in another time.



Sap Collector

 My show Sap Collector opens alongside The Muddle by Lily Seika Jones this coming Friday.

My show Sap Collector opens alongside The Muddle by Lily Seika Jones this coming Friday.

Sign up for the show previews by visiting the Nucleus Portland website. All artwork will be available through online sales.

For my show Sap Collector:
When making the work for this show I thought about the mystery of gifts in their packages, arrangements of figures like toys in their boxes. Dreaming about the future & plucking pieces from the past. In my work, some things & figures should seem fixed, others are alive & breathing. A ribbon may be sentient. Not with stunning realism but with the seed planted inside. Part that you remembered, part that you imagined. For when you want to be far away. 

The show preview goes out this Wednesday. Also watch for a new pin release from the gallery the day after the opening. The pin features art from my drawing, Alms.

Please sign up for my mailing list for special previews and information on future shows and releases. ---> 

Paper hands

 Little Marigold by Amy Earles, 2009

Little Marigold by Amy Earles, 2009

If you've been to my Etsy shop lately, you may have noticed that the paper dolls have been missing. I've been in a state of change for a while now. Trying to grow as an artist. 
I started my Etsy shop just to sell my printed articulated paper dolls in 2007. The response was excellent and honestly life changing. 
But my interest in making this very specific kind of paper doll has waned. It was a complex, time consuming process to design and make them. Leaving little time to explore the other ideas that interested me. So now I'm ready to clear them out and let them go. 
I still love paper dolls but for now it's time to move on. 

Find the remaining paper dolls deeply discounted in my Etsy shop now. 

Meanwhile I'll be working on a major shop update coming in a few weeks from now. I'll keep you posted!

8x8 Squared

Opening tomorrow at Distinction Gallery

 Plague of Senses by Amy Earles

Plague of Senses by Amy Earles

Plague of Senses is a phrase that pops into my head often as I write or sketch. It is a phrase that any particularly sensitive person can understand.
This isn't really a sad painting as much as it is a reminder that the feeling is a passing phase. Something that comes and goes. Like weather.

Please contact the gallery if you're interested in purchasing this piece. 

8x8 Squared is a group show including many excellent artists including the curator Kelly Vivanco.
Please be sure to take a look!
See the show preview here.

What to Make of Winter

 New Years Eve Sketchbook pages by Amy Earles

New Years Eve Sketchbook pages by Amy Earles

One could have imagined that it would take longer than a month to re-arrange the contents of this page and my shops. And I knew that it would. 
So I've brought my shops back with a limited selection for now. Some things will remain and some things will be archived in the coming months. But for now:
Wool & Water
Pushed Under Shop (paypal preferred - paypal orders will ship faster)

Meanwhile, I'll be working behind the scenes. 
Happy New Year! 

All Within

 Hermetic Catalog by Amy Earles for The Fir/The Green**

Hermetic Catalog by Amy Earles for The Fir/The Green**

Today marks the end of my show The Fir/The Green at Stranger Factory. A name & concept that came to me two years ago, this show covered many subjects from personal to political. Working on some of the pieces made my stomach ache from stress. I am very hard on myself. This is a time of growth and I feel like I'm just beginning. 

**Many pieces have been sold (thank you!) but this piece is still available through the gallery



 Dreamfilm by Amy Earles for The Fir/The Green (11x17 inches, gouache on paper)

Dreamfilm by Amy Earles for The Fir/The Green (11x17 inches, gouache on paper)

The preview for my show, The Fir/The Green is available. Sign up now through Stranger Factory!

The Fir/The Green


The Fir / The Green opens this coming Friday, November 3rd with over 20 new works at Stranger Factory gallery in Albuquerque, NM!

The work in this show encompasses a period in which I began to recognize how much memory feels inherited, how much instinct is working within the confines of practiced behavior. 
There are hidden aspects of selves, ancestral whispers in the background while the body moves carefully to navigate the alien newness of each passing year. 
I thought of where we go to in sleep & the projection of self. What we share with others under the influence of varying consciousnesses. It is also about two complimentary halves combining and the necessity of nurturing. 

My work list in my sketchbook for this show: primitive instincts, nutrition, what it means to be, projection of self into objects, sensitivity, the past and how it hinders the present, perception of age, time as a loop, as a string, microscopic creatures controlling the body, maps, layers, dimensions, a past that believes it was the future, a version of dreaming, ancestral memory








Communicating with the Weather

 Telepathy by Amy Earles

Telepathy by Amy Earles

I've been busy working toward my Stranger Factory show opening in November. Extra time for little, meandering sketches has been extremely limited. So I had no plan to make any Little Witches this year for Halloween. Besides, I might be growing up a little.

Then I had the strongest feeling to make one but this one isn't little at all. I couldn't make it a loose little sketch, it came to life as something more important to me and on bigger paper. But it's still a painting with a Halloween spirit. Playing on the theme of changing weather and atmosphere of awareness in the 10th month of the year. 

I made a print, a little larger than usual. And maybe later, if anyone requests it seriously, I'll make an even larger one. You can find the new print & more of my flawed little bats back in stock in my shop now.  

I'll be back soon with news of my upcoming show!  

(Yes, I've named things Telepathy before and I'll do it again)

Spring Print Sale!

Lately, I've been framing and hanging up some of the art I've been collecting for the last few years. It's such a nice feeling to add new (old) things to the walls. Inspired by hanging all of these bits of art up around the house, I decided to have a spring print sale in case you're feeling the same way too.

So all prints in both of my shops are 20% off until May 31st!
I'll be retiring a handful of prints at the end of summer so if there's something you've had your eye on for a while, now might be a good time to grab it.

No code necessary here in my Pushed Under shop. 
But if you'd rather shop my Etsy store, you can use the code SPRINGCLEANING at checkout.

You'll also find a few more flawed pins listed and a set of lightly used Egg tempera paints that need a good home.

Moments in Monochrome is opening this coming Saturday (the 25th)! Two of my paintings will be part of this show which is made up of some really excellent artists. If you happen to be in Portland, please stop by and check it out!
To be included on the show preview that will be sent out this coming Friday, please contact Nucleus Portland to be added to the list! 


A tiny peek of one of my paintings showing at Nucleus Portland this coming Saturday, The Nature Of



 ESP by Amy Earles

ESP by Amy Earles

Opening next Friday (March 17th): Mondo House Party 2
My contribution for the show is the above piece, ESP. 
Everything in this show is only $200 which will shock you when you see the names on the list of artists on the show card below! 


Last week:

1. A thoughtful article about my work was featured on Haute Macabre! 

2. Winter Flock at The Convent Philly opened Friday (feb 10th)! See my pieces below.

 Lure by Amy Earles (SOLD), gouache on tinted paper

Lure by Amy Earles (SOLD), gouache on tinted paper

 Trying to Grow in the Dark by Amy Earles (SOLD), gouache and metallic acrylic on tinted paper. 

Trying to Grow in the Dark by Amy Earles (SOLD), gouache and metallic acrylic on tinted paper. 

3. Next month watch for updates regarding the Moments In Monochrome show at Nucleus Portland! 

4. New print in my shop!

 A Sad Flower by Amy Earles

A Sad Flower by Amy Earles

Shop News!

Good news for those who've asked! My Pushed Under Shop is now accepting paypal! 
Look for new prints & some leftover enamel pins coming soon!

Thank you to all who've supported my work by buying prints/originals in recent months. It helps keeps my work going in all ways. I have a few shows coming up this year, one fairly major one at Stranger Factory in November. I hope you'll look forward to all the new work to come!




Shop Break

My shops will be taking an extended break starting November 30th and re-opening the first week of January. Certain items will remain visible. Any items remaining visible will be okay to purchase and if sold, will be shipped in the normal 3-5 business days. 
**Any orders placed on or before November 30th will be shipped within the normal 3-5 days after purchase.**