The Fir/The Green


The Fir / The Green opens this coming Friday, November 3rd with over 20 new works at Stranger Factory gallery in Albuquerque, NM!

The work in this show encompasses a period in which I began to recognize how much memory feels inherited, how much instinct is working within the confines of practiced behavior. 
There are hidden aspects of selves, ancestral whispers in the background while the body moves carefully to navigate the alien newness of each passing year. 
I thought of where we go to in sleep & the projection of self. What we share with others under the influence of varying consciousnesses. It is also about two complimentary halves combining and the necessity of nurturing. 

My work list in my sketchbook for this show: primitive instincts, nutrition, what it means to be, projection of self into objects, sensitivity, the past and how it hinders the present, perception of age, time as a loop, as a string, microscopic creatures controlling the body, maps, layers, dimensions, a past that believes it was the future, a version of dreaming, ancestral memory