Communicating with the Weather

Telepathy by Amy Earles

Telepathy by Amy Earles

I've been busy working toward my Stranger Factory show opening in November. Extra time for little, meandering sketches has been extremely limited. So I had no plan to make any Little Witches this year for Halloween. Besides, I might be growing up a little.

Then I had the strongest feeling to make one but this one isn't little at all. I couldn't make it a loose little sketch, it came to life as something more important to me and on bigger paper. But it's still a painting with a Halloween spirit. Playing on the theme of changing weather and atmosphere of awareness in the 10th month of the year. 

I made a print, a little larger than usual. And maybe later, if anyone requests it seriously, I'll make an even larger one. You can find the new print & more of my flawed little bats back in stock in my shop now.  

I'll be back soon with news of my upcoming show!  

(Yes, I've named things Telepathy before and I'll do it again)